Before and After

Written by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

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    Instructions: Cut out the eight “after” panels at the bottom on the solid lines, and fold the tabs back on the broken lines. Cut slits on the broken lines in the eight “before” (main) pictures. Read each situation, then, using the tabs, hang the corresponding “after” panel in the main picture to show how happy the person is to have forgiven the one who offended him.

    When Eric kept taking his toy cars when he was at school, Jay became angry. Then he forgave Eric and shared his cars with him.

    Derrik ate the candy bar Kenny had been saving for a snack later. At first Kenny was angry, but he forgave Derrik and gave him half of an apple.

    Leslie said a mean thing about Becky at recess. Becky had hurt feelings, but she forgave Leslie and asked her to play on the swings.

    Alex told Shelly something untrue about Janie, and Shelly laughed. Janie was angry at first, then forgave Alex and Shelly and invited them to her house to play.

    Mitch broke the water bottle in Ethan’s hamster cage. Ethan was angry when he saw it, but he forgave Mitch and showed him how to put the new bottle in right.

    Baby Mark colored all over Brian’s book report. Although Brian was angry for a while, he realized that Mark didn’t mean to do wrong, and he forgave him. Then, after rewriting his report, Brian drew a picture for Mark to color.

    Megan screamed at Lauren because she always won the math game. Lauren screamed back at Megan but then apologized, forgave her, and helped her with her math so that she could win too.

    Lynn felt awful when she wasn’t invited to Carol’s birthday party. After praying, Lynn forgave Carol and invited her to go to the zoo that Saturday.

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki