I’m Going Somewhere Too!

By Lori Miescke

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    Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge (Prov. 12:1).

    Andrew sat on the front porch step. He could see everyone who went around the corner. He took a bite out of his toast with grape jelly on it. He was very careful not to get his new shirt and pants dirty.

    A milk truck stopped in front of Andrew’s house. The milkman jumped out and rushed up the sidewalk. He carried a wire basket filled with bottles of milk.

    “Where are you going in such a hurry, Mr. Jones?” Andrew called to him.

    The milkman put two bottles of milk on Andrew’s porch. “I have lots of milk to deliver this morning,” he said. He hurried back to his truck and drove around the corner.

    Doctor Smith walked quickly down the sidewalk. She carried a black bag in one hand. She was huffing and puffing.

    Andrew called, “Where are you going, Doctor Smith?”

    Doctor Smith stopped and smiled at Andrew. “I’m on my way to the hospital. I have many people to take care of today.” She hurried around the corner, pushing her glasses up farther on her nose.

    Mr. Wilson dashed past Andrew’s house. He carried lots of books.

    Andrew called to him, “Where are you going, Mr. Wilson?”

    Mr. Wilson stopped. His chest went up and down like a big balloon. “I’m on my way to school. I have many children to teach today.” He put his head down and hurried on around the corner.

    Andrew’s father rushed out of the house. He stopped to smile at Andrew. “Anybody interesting going around the corner this morning?”

    “Everyone sure is in a big hurry today,” Andrew told him. “Are you in a hurry, too, Daddy?”

    Andrew’s father smiled. “Yes, I don’t want to be late to work.”

    Andrew’s mother ran out of the house. “Wait, honey—you forgot your lunch,” she shouted to Andrew’s father.

    Andrew’s father took the bag, waved good-bye to Andrew, and walked swiftly around the corner.

    It seems like everyone is going somewhere today, Andrew thought. He sat and watched some more and was still very careful not to get his new shirt and pants dirty. He watched two girls running down the sidewalk.

    Andrew shouted to them, “Where are you going so fast?”

    One girl yelled to Andrew. “We’re meeting our friends on the school playground.” They waved to Andrew as they raced around the corner.

    Andrew sat and watched the corner some more. After a long while, the letter carrier pushed his mail cart slowly up the sidewalk. He stopped to mop his wet face with his big blue handkerchief. “Good morning, Andrew,” he said. “My, you look extra happy today.”

    “Today I am going somewhere, too,” Andrew told him.

    “Yes, I know.” The letter carrier put two letters in the mailbox on Andrew’s porch, then pushed his cart back down the walk and around the corner.

    Andrew sat and watched the corner the rest of the morning, but everyone who was going somewhere had already gone by.

    Andrew’s mother called him in to eat lunch. He was very careful not to spill any of it on his new shirt and pants. “Is it time to go now?” he asked when he finished.

    Mother smiled. “Yes, it’s time for us to go now.”

    Andrew raced down the sidewalk then waited for his mother. Today was his turn to go around the corner. “Today I am going somewhere, too!” Andrew shouted happily. “I’m going to kindergarten!” Then he and his mother disappeared around the corner.

    Illustrated by Julie F. Young