To make a rubbings picture, you will need: white paper, a pencil, crayons, and your parents’ permission.

Find interesting things with textures around the house. Cover each thing with a piece of paper and hold it tightly in place with one hand. With the other hand, lightly rub the crayon over the paper so that the texture pattern shows up. Be careful not to rub the crayon off the paper!

After you have made a few rubbings, trace a picture from a coloring book or an old Friend magazine—or create your own simple picture—on a piece of white paper. Place the picture over something with a texture you like, then lightly rub one part of it with a crayon. Use a new color and texture for each part of the picture. If more than one person is making a picture, try to guess which objects were used for each rubbing.

badminton racket; fly swatter; stepstool; bicycle tire; book cover; window screen