The First Christmas

By Rebecca M. Taylor

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    Just what was the first Christmas like

    For Joseph, Mary, Christ?

    Did people then trim trees, partake

    Of cookies shaped and iced?


    There were no festive parties held

    To celebrate the day;

    Christ’s parents trekked to Bethlehem,

    A tax law to obey.

    There was no jolly Santa Claus

    Directing deer in flight;

    But in the skies, the angels sang

    That holy Christmas night.

    There were no colored Christmas lights,

    Each sparkling like a gem;

    Instead, a star from heaven lit

    The way to Bethlehem.

    No shoppers sought the perfect gift

    Before the day was done,

    But humble shepherds left their fields

    To seek the Perfect Son.

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki