For Little Friends

By M. W. Verbica

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    The Sacrament

    [We] witness … that [we] do always remember him [Jesus Christ] (Moro. 5:2)


    1. 1.

      Ask an older person to mount page 17 on lightweight cardboard.

    2. 2.

      Cut out the pictures.

    3. 3.

      Find a picture of yourself that will fit in a box. (Get permission from Mom and Dad.)

    4. 4.

      Ask someone to read what it says under the boxes, then tape or glue each picture in the proper box.

    5. 5.

      Draw or glue additional pictures of Jesus on the back.

    6. 6.

      Take the page to church with you. Look at it during sacrament time to help you remember to be reverent and think of Jesus.

    The Sacrament
    Quietly I eat the bread
    and drink the water too.
    I fold my arms
    and think of Jesus—
    That’s what I should do.
    How to act during the Sacrament(click to view larger) Chart(click to view larger)

    Illustrated by Elise Niven Black

    Jungle Mix

    2 cups dried banana chips

    1 cup corn bran, toasted oat, or bran squares cereal

    1 cup peanuts or whole almonds

    1/2 cup pumpkin or sunflower seeds

    Put all the ingredients into a paper sack. Close the sack and shake it well. Jungle Mix may be stored up to one month.

    I Have Feelings

    My name is Emily. Do you know what I like best about being me? I like having lots of feelings inside me, and I like showing my feelings in lots of different ways.

    Today I gave a talk about Jesus Christ in Primary. I showed I was scared when my voice cracked.

    I felt peaceful, though, when I looked up and saw my father and mother smiling at me. I covered my mouth so I wouldn’t laugh out loud when my big brother winked at me.

    I felt happy when I told everyone that Jesus is my friend. I said, “Heavenly Father and Jesus love me, and I love them.”

    I showed reverence when I walked to my seat with my arms folded. I closed my eyes and bowed my head when the closing prayer was given. I listened to the prayer and said amen at the end so that Father in Heaven knew I was praying too.

    During sacrament meeting I sat still in my seat and thought about Jesus while the bread and water were being passed. I felt warm and calm and happy and peaceful. I felt the Holy Spirit inside my heart. I like that feeling best of all.

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Elise Niven Black