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Feb. 1995

The GodheadGordon B. Hinckley 
Grandpa’s TreasureEva C. Bean 
Friend to FriendJanet Peterson and Richard C. Edgley 
Pedro’s TimeDiana Loski 
Country Valentine Card 
Valentine Gift Bag 
A Good NameRuth Liljenquist 

For Little Friends

The Sacrament
M. W. Verbica 

For Little Friends

Jungle Mix

For Little Friends

I Have Feelings
Katherine Quinn Fowkes 
Valentine’s Day? Gruuump!Lois G. Grambling 


X Spells It Out
Shauna Mooney Kawasaki 


S. M. Smith 


Double Fun
Barbara S. Neelands 


Where Jesus Was
Eleanor Holt 


Party Games
The Mame of GixJudith Harkham Semas 
Kitchen Krafts 

Making Friends:

Christopher Sexton of Chino Valley, Arizona
Rebecca M. Taylor 
Field TripBruce T. Forbes 


The Bread of Life
Julie Wardell 

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: The Godhead
Karen Lofgreen 
BedtimeCindy Bowden 
Snow Day at Grammie’sJulia Nance 

Heroes and Heroines:

From Misery to Joy
Leslie Crider Humphreys 
Sister Simon’s Saints 
The Wheat and the Tares