I Just Remember Jesus

Whenever I’m in my bed at night
And the room is dark and still
With strange shadows on the wall,
The wind whistling shrill,
I just remember Jesus
Calming the raging sea.
I whisper a prayer for safety,
And then I feel peace.
Whenever I’m feeling achy
With a fever that burns and chills,
And Mom and Dad are worried,
And the doctor gives me pills,
I just remember Jesus
Healing the halt and blind.
My father gives me a blessing,
And peace comes to my mind.
Whenever I lose my patience
And holler, argue, or whine,
Or forget about sharing nicely
And scream at others, “That’s mine!”
I just remember Jesus
And the children ’round his knee.
I whisper a prayer for kindness,
And quickly I make peace.
Whenever I stand in front of a crowd
To sing or give a talk
And all eyes are staring at me
And I’m in a scared kind of shock,
I just remember Jesus
In the temple, teaching the priests.
I whisper a prayer for courage,
And fear is changed to peace.
Whenever I hear a story
Or listen to the news
About all the crimes and all the wars
And feel scared and sometimes confused,
I just remember Jesus
In the Garden of Gethsemane
Praying for help from his Father—
His peace comes also to me.

[illustrations] Illustrated by Mark Robison

[illustrations] Paintings at right, top to bottom: “Stilling the Storm” by Ted Henninger, “Christ Healing a Blind Man” by Del Parson, “Christ With the Children” by Harry Anderson, “Christ in the Temple” by Heinrich Hofmann, “Christ in Gethsemane” by Harry Anderson.