My father’s feet will lead me
in paths I know are right.
My father’s knees will bend with mine
as we say prayers at night.
My father’s lap will hold me
when I need a place to rest.
And when I’m sad, I like to lay
my head upon his chest.
My father’s hands are big and strong,
and they work hard for me.
My father’s arms can lift me up
so I may better see.
My father’s lips will speak to me
with words of truth each day.
My father’s ears will listen
to the things I have to say.
I like to sit so very still
and look into his eyes.
I know he understands me,
and he is good and wise.
I’m glad I have a father
who guides me with his love.
He helps me better understand
my Father up above.

[illustrations] Illustrated by Taia Morley