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July 1995

The Gift of the Holy Ghost By Elder Boyd K. Packer,
Lost and Found By Shyrl L. Sevey
If Christ Should Speak to Me Words and music by Jenny W. Francis
Friend to Friend By Elder J Ballard Washburn of the Seventy, currently serving in the Utah North Area presidency, as Assistant Executive Director of the Priesthood Department, and in the General Sunday School presidency.
Grandpa Virgil’s Pickup By Ray Goldrup

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Happy Heart
By Karen Lofgreen
Funstuf By Shauna Mooney Kawasaki
Old Enough By Jennifer Jensen
For Little Friends By Donna D’Amelio
Kitchen Krafts
Choices By Elise Black
More Than One Way to Win By Marva Jeanne Pedersen

Making Friends:

Samantha Roth of Station-Siggenthal, Switzerland
By Corliss Clayton
Suitcase Full of Love By Rachelle Pace Castor
Nature Abounding By Beverly J. Letchworth


Children Pioneers
By Fay McCracken
Sister Simon’s Saints
Rhubarb Pie By Nanette Justus
A Rose for Mama By Susan M. Preuss
The Word of God