The Sermon on the Mount

He opened his mouth, and taught them (Matt. 5:2).
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Illustrated by Mike Eagle


Bumblebee, all black and yellow,
Dashing, handsome, fuzzy fellow
Buzzing down among the flowers
While you pass the summer hours,
Butterflies of every hue
Flutter by me two by two.
Ants and beetles by the bunches
Get together over lunches.
Even honeybees, your cousins,
Buzz together by the dozens.
But you are always on your ownsome.
I should think that you’d be lonesome!
I’ve been giving this some study—
You should find a bumble buddy.

[illustrations] Illustrated by Mike Eagle

Sabbath Treasure Box

Sunday is a good day to think about all the scripture stories and other lessons you have learned in Primary. A sabbath treasure box will help you remember.

You will need: old magazines, scissors, glue, a shoebox with a lid, and a marker (optional).

Find magazine pictures that remind you of the treasures Heavenly Father and Jesus have given us. You might choose temples, prophets, flowers, animals, plants, and other things you are thankful for. If you can get an extra copy of an old Friend, you will find great pictures to use, but other magazines will do. Cut out the pictures and glue them all over the shoe box and lid.

If you wish, cut out letters and put your name on the box, or use a marker to write your name.

Each week when you get home from Primary, open your treasure box and put in any handouts you got in Primary. After helping your mom with dinner, you may want to look through all your treasures. With your brothers and sisters or parents, take turns pulling out a treasure and telling what it reminds you of. They might give you ideas for Primary talks or family home evening lessons too.

[photo] Photo by Maren Mecham