Nephi Receives Great Power

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    Nephi was sad

    Thinking about what the Lord had shown him, and about the wickedness of the Nephites, Nephi walked sadly toward his home. Hel. 10:1–3


    The Lord spoke to Nephi, praising him for being obedient and for his tireless efforts to teach the gospel. Hel. 10:4


    Nephi was blessed with the power to do all things, because the Lord knew that Nephi could be trusted to use it righteously. Hel. 10:5–7


    The Lord told Nephi to warn the people that if they did not repent, they would be destroyed. Nephi went at once to warn the people. Hel. 10:11–12

    Nephi in prison

    The Nephites did not believe Nephi. They tried to throw him into prison. Hel. 10:14–15


    The power of God protected Nephi, and he went from place to place declaring the word of God to all the people. Hel. 10:16–17


    But the Nephites became even more wicked, and there were wars throughout the land. Hel. 11:1–2

    Nephi prayed

    Nephi prayed for a famine, hoping that the lack of food would humble the Nephites and help them repent. Hel. 11:3–4


    The famine came: There was no rain, so the ground dried up and grain would not grow. The people stopped fighting. Hel. 11:5–6

    many died

    The people were hungry, and many of them died. Those who lived began to remember the Lord and the words of Nephi. Hel. 11:7

    people repented

    The people repented of their sins and begged their judges to ask Nephi to pray for the famine to stop. The judges went to Nephi. Hel. 11:8–9

    Nephi prayed

    When Nephi saw that the people had become humble and repented, he asked the Lord to stop the famine.Hel. 11:10–12

    fruit and grain

    The Lord answered Nephi’s prayers, and the fruit and grain began to grow again. The people glorified God and thought of Nephi as a great prophet. Hel. 11:17–18

    people joined the church

    Most of the people joined the church. They became rich, and their cities grew. They had peace in the land. Hel. 11:20–21


    Then some Nephites who had earlier joined the Lamanites, and some Lamanites went to war against the Nephites. Hel. 11:24–25

    Nephites became wicked

    The Nephites tried to destroy their enemies—who had become Gadianton robbers—but could not because they themselves had become wicked again. Then they remembered the Lord. Hel. 11:28–34


    As the Nephites became righteous, the Lord blessed them. As they became proud and forgot Him, He gave them problems to help them remember Him. Hel. 12:1–3

    Illustrated by Jerry Thompson