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September 1995

The Latter Days By Elder M. Russell Ballard
Experiment By Linda M. Campbell
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder John B. Dickson of the Seventy, currently serving as President of the South America South Area; by Janet Peterson
Special Friend By Linda Lee Tenney
Worthy to Enter Words and music by Clive J. Romney

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: I Believe That Jesus Will Come Again
By Susan L. Warner,
Funstuf By Marlene Cameron Thomas
Best Friends By Eva Cohen

Making Friends:

Sarah Maria Roth of Salzburg, Austria
By Julie Wardell
Erin’s Postcard Collection By Joyce Selee Tippets
My Box of Paints By Cindy Bowden
Kitchen Krafts
For Little Friends By Lydia W. Wardell


World Travelers
By Kathryn A. Goldner
Sister Simon’s Saints
Circles By Vicki Grove
Finders, Keepers By Marie Helen Turner
Benjamin Quits Kindergarten By Diana Logue
Our Family By LaFond Hall
The Good Shepherd