Sister Simon’s Saints

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

1 That’s a great jack-o’-lantern, Wendy! Want me to help you put in the candle?

Thanks, David.

2 David, when you said you wanted to join the Mormons, I gave my permission reluctantly. I thought that you were making a big mistake.

I know.

3 Well, I was wrong. You’ve become an even better son and brother.

Thanks, Dad. I’m just trying to be the kind of person you taught me to be.

4 I think maybe we were afraid you’d become a fanatic and write us all off as sinners.

How could I ever do that? You’re the greatest!

5 Well, it’s pretty easy for people to focus on their differences.

It says right in the Articles of Faith that we should respect all religions. Joseph Smith knew what it was like when people didn’t.

6 So, what do you think?

Outstanding! What do you think?