By Pat Graham

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    Say the poem in rhythm. Do the actions on every other syllable.


    Music makes me hap-hap-happy

    (Snap fingers.)

    If the tune is snap-snap-snappy.

    (Pound fists together.)

    When I hear a drum beat-beat,


    I go marching with my feet.

    (Swing arms as if rocking a baby.)

    I can sing a lullaby

    (Shake head “no.”)

    So the baby will not cry.

    (Stretch arms high, then stoop to floor.)

    Music can be high or low.

    (Clap fast, then slow.)

    Music can be fast or slow.

    (Skip in place.)

    Music can be lively too.

    (Point to self, other person.)

    Music’s fun for me and you.

    (Put hands over ears, then finger to lips.)

    Music can be loud or quiet.

    (Wave wand or baton.)

    Music’s magical—just try it!

    Illustrated by Susan Curtis