Sister Simon’s Saints

1 Over the mountains and through the desert to Grandmother’s house we go!

2 Abuelita (Grandmother)!

3 The day after Thanksgiving

Why haven’t you gone into town with your brothers and sisters and cousins?

Because I love you, and I don’t get to see you very often.

4 You’re a good boy, Ramón, and you’ll be a good man. I wish your grandfather could have known you.

I wish I could have known him, too, Abuelita. I’m trying to be good so I can be with him someday. I don’t always make it, though.

5 Neither do I, querido (dear), and he didn’t either. But he always tried to do his very best, and he always repented of his sins. If we do the same, I think we’ll be fine.

6 Now, can you find room for another piece of my candy?

I’ll do my very best.