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Nov. 1995

ObedienceAdney Y. Komatsu 
BrainwashingLaFond Hall 

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Clean Thoughts
Karen Ashton 
Friend to FriendRebecca M. Taylor and Jay E. Jensen 
Fire on the MountainLloyd H. Parry 


Thanksgiving Maze
Patti Fielding 


New Testament Books
Shauna Mooney Kawasaki 


Articles of Faith Math
Shauna Mooney Kawasaki 
Rescuing ThanksgivingAnita Howard Wade 
Sister Simon’s Saints 

Making Friends:

Carrie Daddow of Douglas Flat, California
Ruth Liljenquist 

For Little Friends

Mandy’s Gift of Love
Luana Willis 

For Little Friends

Pat Graham 

For Little Friends

Hens and Chicks
Peggy H. McClanahan 
Kitchen Krafts 
Winter Is ComingNancy Sweetland 
T. J.Holly Robinson Ashby 
Aunt Mabel’s StoreRenie Szilak Burghardt 
Books! Books! Books! 
Cover Your EyesElizabeth F. Connell 


Cinnamon Scents
Nancy H. Giles 
We Believe … Douglas J. Vermeeren 
The Judgment of Jesus