Hearts of Love

By Marli Walker

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    When your heart is filled with love, Others will love you (Children’s Songbook, page 61).

    Emily liked to make hearts. She made them all different sizes, and on all kinds of paper.

    On the day before Valentine’s Day, her mother watched her busily cutting out her umpteenth heart. “Emily, are you going to do something special with your hearts?”

    Emily grinned. “Yep—you’ll see!”

    Early the next morning, Sister Wong brought some cookies when she came to visit. When Emily returned her cookie plate, she found a bright red heart on it, which said:

    Dear Sister Wong,
    Thank you for bringing us such good cookies! I especially like them with milk after school! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    When Dad opened his sock drawer when he was getting ready for work, a big red heart with glittery sparkles on it lay across his socks. It said:

    Dear Dad,
    I think you are the best father in the whole world! I love you!

    Later that morning, when the mailman opened the mailbox, he pulled out a pink heart that said:

    Dear Mr. Mailman,
    Thank you for bringing our mail. I especially like the letters from my grandma. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Mom was just putting the last dish away in the cupboard, when she saw a bright pink heart trimmed with paper lace sitting on the stack of plates. It said:

    Dear Mom,
    I think you are the most wonderful mother of all! I love you!

    When Emily turned down the covers on her bed that night, she found a pink heart-shaped box. Inside were her favorite chocolate chip cookies, and a heart-shaped note that said:

    Dear Emily,
    We are so thankful that you are our daughter! You bring love to everyone! We love you very much!
    Mom and Dad

    Illustrated by Elise Black