Even though I’m really trying
To live as Jesus would,
There are times when I’m forgetful
And don’t do as I should.
It makes me feel so bad inside
When I have been unkind,
Or when I’ve said what isn’t true,
Or taken what’s not mine.
I can feel my stomach churning,
A voice whispers in my head,
And my heart feels sad and empty,
So I kneel beside my bed.
I ask my Heavenly Father
If He will please forgive
And help me to remember
How a child of God should live.
I tell my friends I’m sorry
When my words have been unkind.
I make sure that the truth is known,
Return what isn’t mine.
As I make a solemn promise
To always live my best,
There’s a warm and peaceful feeling
That swells up in my chest.
My Father in Heaven loves me,
And so His Son was sent.
And I can live in peace and love
If I learn to repent.

[illustration] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki