For Little Friends

By Elise Black

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    My Baptism Book

    Mount this page on a sheet of paper and ask a grown-up to cut out the two strips. Accordion-fold the strips along the lines, with the title page on top of the first strip and the bishop’s interview picture on top of the second strip. Punch holes where indicated, stack the two folded strips, title page on top, and tie together with yarn as shown in the illustration. Tell the story to yourself and to your family.

    Baptism book(click to view larger)

    Illustrated by Elise Black

    How to Draw Air

    First you draw white puffy clouds
    resting on a breeze;
    Then you draw a yellow sun
    shining through the trees.
    Add some flowers, soft green grass;
    and if you’d really like,
    Draw a dog and two close friends
    riding on their bikes.
    Color in a picket fence;
    add a colt and mare,
    Then look about the things you’ve drawn—
    all the rest is air!

    [illustration] Illustrated by Elise Black

    Mother’s Day Mouse

    Put half a pear on a plate. Put a cherry at the small end for a nose. Place two raisins above it for eyes. Stick in sliced almonds for the ears. Use a black or red licorice string for the tail.

    At breakfast on Mother’s Day, give the mouse to your mom and promise to be as quiet as a mouse in sacrament meeting.

    [photo] Photo by John Luke