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May 1996

“Always Remember Him” By Elder Henry B. Eyring
Bicycle Lesson By Alma J. Yates
Friend to Friend From an interview with Patricia Pinegar, Primary general president; by Rebecca M. Taylor
Natalie’s Promises By Jamie Macomber
Secrets By Marilynn Lawrence
Flowers for Keeps By Janet Schenk
Horváth Gergö, Imre, and Péter of Budapest, Hungary By Janet Peterson
What Do You Want to Be? By Carolyn Johnston
Kitchen Krafts
Funstuf By Barbara Switzer
When Mother Reads to Me By Janet McCann
Peanut Race By Rosalie A. Cypert
For Little Friends By Elise Black
A Testimony Feels Good By Bryan Dayley as told to his mother, Beth Dayley
Interview! By Lisa H. Fernelius
Summer Reading Fun

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Remembering Jesus
By Karen Ashton
My Baptism By Patricia Clough
Sister Simon’s Saints
Book of Mormon Story: At the Waters of Mormon