Fourteen Ways to Be a Friend

By Suzanne Wright

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    1. Cheer her on when she’s at bat.

    2. Help her look for her missing cat.

    3. When she’s quite sick, send a card or letter.

    4. Bring her ice cream when she’s feeling better.

    5. If he’s new in school, greet him with a grin.

    6. Help him, whatever the shade of his skin.

    7. Always respect his religious views.

    8. If you don’t understand him, talk—just you two.

    9. Start a hobby together—like studying birds.

    10. If she’s learning to read, help with new words.

    11. If she can’t hear or see, be her ears or her eyes.

    12. Give her a hug whenever she cries.

    13. If he’s never played hockey, teach him to skate.

    14. When he has trouble catching up, tell him you’ll wait.

    Illustrated by Beth Whittaker