Ether 9:19

And there were elephants and cureloms and cumoms; all of which were useful unto man (Ether 9:19).
If you were walking down the street
And you should chance to see
A curelom and cumom,
What do you suppose they’d be?
The Book of Mormon mentions both,
So there is no cause to doubt them,
But, sad to say, it doesn’t tell us
Very much about them.
Did they have trunks like elephants,
Or hooves like a gazelle?
Did they have a llama’s fluffy coat,
Or perhaps a turtle’s shell?
Did cumoms fly like eagles?
Did they swim like killer whales?
Did they have beaks or mandibles
Or fins or scales or tails?
Did children of the Jaredites
Implore their dads and moms
To let them go out riding
On the backs of cureloms?
Did they have stripes like tigers,
Or spots like a dalmatian?
For now, the way they looked is left
To our imagination!
Their names, that they were helpful
Is all Moroni tells us,
So your guess about their looks is just
As good as anyone else’s!

[illustration] Illustrated by Dick Brown