Whenever you have ruled as king of yourself by feeling and showing love and respect for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, you may wear this reverence crown at home. Your mother or father can read the directions to you and help you make the crown, but only you can decide when you have been reverent and deserve to wear it. It may be after church, family home evening, family prayer, or even after watching a sunset. It’s up to you.

To make the crown, you will need: a pencil, white paper, scissors, white or gold poster board, colored markers, glue, two paper clips, a coin, and colored paper.

  1. Make a pattern by tracing the crown segment on this page onto white paper and cut it out.

    Crown pattern
  2. Trace this segment three times end-to-end onto the poster board.

  3. If the poster board is white, color the crown. Then have someone write KING OF ME on it.

  4. Cut out the crown and overlap the ends to form a circle.

  5. Put the crown on your head and adjust it to the right size. Glue or staple the ends together. If you have brothers or sisters, join the ends together with two paper clips instead so that the crown can be adjusted to other head sizes.

  6. Using the coin as a pattern, cut round “jewels” out of the colored paper.

  7. Each time you earn the right to wear the crown, glue on a jewel.

  8. Try to be king of yourself often. You’ll find that being reverent feels even better than wearing a crown.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki