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September 1996

Reverence By Elder L. Tom Perry


Blazer Patrol to the Rescue
By Paula Hunt
Reverence Is a Feeling Words and music by Elizabeth Ricks
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder Hugh W. Pinnock of the Seventy, currently serving in the North America Central Area Presidency; by Jamie Macomber
Ugly Shoes By Shannon Jone
Oceangoing Pioneers (Part Three) By Joy N. Hulme
Funstuf By Janet Peterson

Making Friends:

Kendon and Damen Kurzer of Hart, Michigan
For Little Friends By Bettyanne Gillette
What If … ? By DaLee C. James
“And He Took Their Little Children …”


The Race
By Donna Gamache


Alisa’s Plan
By Lisa Ray Turner
Kitchen Krafts
Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ By Holly Kearl, as told to her mother, Beckie W. Kearl
Sister Simon’s Saints


“Good for Something” Bag
By Marli Walker

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Reverence for Creation
By Karen Ashton

Heroes and Heroines:

George Careless, Music Missionary
By Jane McBride Choate
Book of Mormon Story: Moroni, Last and Lone Nephite Prophet