Your Pioneer Art:
Starlight Camp

By Sarah Bowthorpe,

age 7, Brighton Eleventh Ward, Salt Lake Brighton Stake

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Each month in 1997 the Friend will print a picture that was submitted in 1996 to the Museum of Church History and Art on the theme “Latter-day Saint Pioneers of the Past, Present, and Future.” The child’s explanation of the picture will be included. If the child has not titled the piece, the Friend will supply a title.

Our ward held a neighborhood pioneer parade on the 24th of July. We decorated bicycles, toy wagons, and strollers, then dressed up like pioneers and marched through the neighborhood. My family decorated a baby stroller to look like a covered wagon. Three-year-old Skyler wore pretend horns and was our “ox.” The parade made me feel like a real pioneer for a little while. My parents say that I really will be a pioneer to my children and grandchildren and that if I live the gospel, I will blaze a good trail for them to follow.

This is a picture of my family as pioneers. My father is playing the violin while I dance and my mother claps her hands. Skyler, Emily (9), and Preston (5) are inside the wagon. The stars in the sky remind me that “I Am Like a Star Shining Brightly.” If I always keep shining brightly, I’ll be a good pioneer.


Illustrated by Sarah Bowthorpe