Temple Firsts

By Ann Woodbury Moore

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    Note: This would be a good activity to do with your family when you have a family home evening about temples.

    Can you identify the correct temple “firsts”?

    1. The first temple built after the Church was restored.

      1. Kirtland (Ohio) Temple

      2. Salt Lake (Utah) Temple

      3. Nauvoo (Illinois) Temple

    2. The first temple built in Utah.

      1. Manti Temple

      2. St. George Temple

      3. Logan Temple

    3. The first temple built in the 20th century.

      1. Hawaii Temple

      2. Idaho Falls (Idaho) Temple

      3. Arizona Temple

    4. The first temple built in Europe.

      1. London (England) Temple

      2. Freiberg Germany Temple

      3. Swiss Temple

    5. The first temple built in Asia.

      1. Tokyo (Japan) Temple

      2. Taipei Taiwan Temple

      3. Seoul Korea Temple

    6. The first temple built in California.

      1. San Diego California Temple

      2. Los Angeles Temple

      3. Oakland Temple

    7. The first temple built in South America.

      1. Buenos Aires Argentina Temple

      2. Santiago Chile Temple

      3. São Paulo (Brazil) Temple

    8. The first temple built east of the Rocky Mountains and still used by the Church.

      1. Chicago Illinois Temple

      2. Washington (D.C.) Temple

      3. Atlanta Georgia Temple

    9. The first temple built outside the United States of America and its territories.

      1. Alberta (Canada) Temple

      2. New Zealand Temple

      3. Johannesburg South Africa Temple

    10. The first temple dedicated by President Ezra Taft Benson.

      1. Las Vegas Nevada Temple

      2. Denver Colorado Temple

      3. Frankfurt Germany Temple


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