Many years later some people became Lamanites again

Many years after Jesus Christ visited the Nephites, some people again took upon themselves the name Lamanites. 4 Ne. 1:19–20

Then nearly all became wicked

Eventually nearly all the people became wicked, both Nephites and Lamanites. 4 Ne. 1:45

Ammaron hid sacred records

A righteous man, Ammaron, had the sacred records. The Holy Ghost told him to hide them so that they would be safe. 4 Ne. 1:48–49

Ammaron told Mormon where the plates were hidden

Knowing that ten-year-old Mormon could be trusted, Ammaron told him where the records were hidden. Morm. 1:1–2

Mormon got the plates

When he was twenty-four years old, Mormon was to get the plates of Nephi and write on them about his people. Morm. 1:3–4

War between Nephites and Lamanites

When Mormon was eleven years old, a war started between the Nephites and Lamanites. The Nephites beat the Lamanites, and there was peace again. Morm. 1:6, 8–12

The Lord took away the three disciples

The Nephites were so wicked that the Lord took away the three disciples, there were no more miracles or healings, and the Holy Ghost no longer guided the people. Morm. 1:13–14

Jesus vistied Mormon

When Mormon was fifteen years old, Jesus Christ visited him. Mormon learned more about the Savior and his goodness. Morm. 1:15

Jesus told Mormon not to preach

Mormon wanted to preach to the people, but the Savior forbade it because of the hardness of their hearts. Morm. 1:16–17, 19

Mormon chosen to lead the army

When Mormon was sixteen years old, war began again. Mormon was large and strong, and the Nephites chose him to lead their army. Morm. 2:1–2

Many battles

The Nephites fought the Lamanites for many years. Mormon tried to help his people fight for their families and homes. Morm. 2:23

The Lord did not help the wicked

The Nephites had become so wicked, though, that the Lord would not help them. Morm. 2:26

Unless the Nephites repented they would not be spared

The Lord told Mormon to tell the Nephites that they would be spared only if they repented and were baptized. But the people refused. Morm. 3:2–3

Nephites still wicked

Instead, they bragged about their strength and swore to kill all the Lamanites. Because of the Nephites’ wickedness, Mormon refused to lead them any longer. Morm. 3:8–11

Lamanites were defeating Nephites

The Lamanites began to defeat the Nephites in every battle. Mormon decided to lead the Nephite armies again. Morm. 4:18; Morm. 5:1

The wicked would not repent

He knew that the wicked Nephites could not win the war—they would not repent and pray for the help they needed. Morm. 5:2

Mormon took all the records

Mormon took all the records from the hill where Ammaron had hidden them, and wrote to the people who would one day read his record. Morm. 4:23; Morm. 5:9, 12

Mormom wanted everyone to repent

He wanted everyone, including the Jews, to know about Jesus Christ, to repent and be baptized, and to live the gospel and be blessed. Morm. 5:14; Morm. 7:8, 10

Mormom put small plates with his plates

The Spirit inspired Mormon to put the small plates of Nephi, which contained prophecies of Christ’s coming, with the plates of Mormon. W of M 1:3–7

Preparing for the last battle

Mormon led the Nephites to the land of Cumorah, where they got ready to fight the Lamanites again. Morm. 6:4

Mormon didn’t want the Lamanites to get the plates

He knew that this would be the last battle. He did not want the Lamanites to find the sacred records and destroy them. Morm. 6:6

He gave the plates to Moroni

He gave the plates of Mormon to his son, Moroni, and hid the rest of the plates in the hill Cumorah. Morm. 6:6

Nearly all Nephites killed

The Lamanites attacked and killed all but twenty-four Nephites. Mormon himself was wounded. Morm. 6:8–11

If the people had repented they would have been saved

He cried, “How could ye have rejected that Jesus, who stood with open arms to receive you! Behold, if ye had not done this, ye would not have fallen.” Morm. 6:17–18

Mormon tried to teach the Nephites

Mormon had tried to teach the Nephites the truth. He had told them how important it is to have faith in Jesus Christ. Moro. 7:1, 33, 38

He taught them of the Atonement of Christ

He had taught them to have hope through the Atonement of Christ to obtain eternal life, and to have charity, the pure love of Christ. Moro. 7:40–41, 47

He wrote letters to Moroni

And Mormon had written letters to his son, Moroni, who also preached the gospel to the Nephites. Moro. 8:1–2

Mormon wrote about the wickedness of the Nephites

Mormon wrote about the terrible wickedness of the Nephites. He told Moroni to stay faithful to Jesus Christ. Moro. 9:1, 20, 25

All Nephites except Moroni killed

The Lamanites killed Mormon and all the Nephites but Moroni, who finished writing the records. Morm. 8:2–3

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson