Noah’s Ark

By Leslie Hartsock

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    (a fingerplay)And God spoke unto Noah, … saying, … I do set my [rain]bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and … you and every living creature. (Gen. 9:8, 13, 15.)

    Noah built an ark, oh so big and wide—

    (Place wrists together, hands in cupping shape.)

    All the animals hurried to be safe inside.

    (Wiggle fingers, then fold them in and touch knuckles.)

    It kept them dry from the flooding rain,

    For forty days and nights.

    (Rock fists back and forth as if the ark is rocking upon the waves.)

    Until Noah was told to come out again

    (Fingers open up and out to original position.)

    And see the rainbow bright!

    (Form a rainbow with arms.)