Kelly’s Prayer

By Lori Stevens

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    In Jesus’ name we humbly pray, O Father up above (Children’s Songbook, page 23).

    “Daddy,” Kelly said, “Will you help me say a prayer?”

    “Of course, I will,” Daddy said. “Do you remember how to start a prayer?”

    “Yes,” said Kelly. “‘Dear Heavenly Father.’ Is that right?”

    “That’s right,” Daddy told her. “Now, what comes next?”

    “We thank Him for our blessings.”

    “Right again!” Daddy said. “Then what?”

    “We ask Him for the things that we need.”

    “And how should we end our prayer?” Daddy asked.

    “‘In the name of Jesus Christ, amen!’ “ Kelly said excitedly. “I remembered all by myself!”

    “Yes, you did,” Daddy agreed. “Do you know what things you want to thank Heavenly Father for?”

    “I’m thankful for you and Mommy, and Tony and Kimmy, and Grandma and Grandpa. And I’m thankful for my friends to play with.”

    “Do you know what you want to ask Heavenly Father for?” Daddy asked.

    “To help me to be safe when I’m playing, to be nicer to Tony and Kimmy, to not get angry, and to remember to pick up my toys.”

    “I’ll be glad to help you pray, Kelly,” Daddy said, “but it sounds like you can do it all by yourself.”

    Kelly smiled at Daddy. “Yes, I can! But will you pray with me, Daddy?”

    “I’d be honored to,” he said.