Moroni wrote a promise in the Book of Mormon

Before Moroni buried the plates for the last time, he wrote a promise to the Lamanites and all others who would read these records. Moro. 10:1–2

He said ask Heavenly Father if it is true

He said to read the records and really think about them, then ask Heavenly Father if they are true. Moro. 10:3–4

If we do, the Holy Ghost will tell us it is true

Moroni promised that if we do so sincerely, with faith in Christ, the Holy Ghost will help us know that they are true. Moro. 10:4–5

He said we must repent and follow Jesus

Moroni wrote that if we repent and follow Jesus Christ and love Heavenly Father with all our “might, mind and strength,” we may become perfect. Moro. 10:32

He hid the plates in the Hill Cumorah

When he hid the plates in the hill Cumorah, Moroni’s mortal work was finished. He would “soon go to rest in the paradise of God.” Moro. 10:34

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson