The Holy Ghost Speaks Softly

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The Holy Ghost speaks softly.
He never shouts, you’ll find.
Instead, He whispers gently
An idea in your mind.
When you’re deciding something
And aren’t sure what to do,
Just listen hard within your heart—
His voice will come to you!
It may be He’ll remind you
Of something Mother said.
Perhaps a verse of scripture
Will pop into your head.
Sometimes you’ll get the feeling
That tells you it’s OK—
Or one that lets you know it’s wrong,
That you should turn away.
And if you want this gift to use,
Each morning when you pray,
Ask Heavenly Father to help you
To listen through the day—
To listen to the promptings
That softly come to you
To bless and help and guide you
In everything you do.

[illustrations] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki