Follow the alphabet from top to bottom and left to right.

A is for Alma, strong and true—Ammon, Abinadi, Amulek too.

B is for Bountiful, city of light.

C, Coriantumr, the last Jaredite. He killed the man Shiz in a furious fight.

D, Desolation, the northern land, left behind—just rocks and sand.

E, the man Enos, who teaches us prayer.

F is for freedom, the fight for what’s fair, the Title of Liberty held high in the air.

G, Gadianton led robbers so cruel. The land of the Nephites they wanted to rule.

H is for Hagoth, builder of boats.

I, Isaiah—a great many quotes come from him in what Nephi wrote.

J is for Jesus, Who came to the land, blessing the people, and teaching His plan.

K is Korihor, who taught wickedness.

L, Liahona, a compass of brass, led Lehi’s family when they were steadfast.

M is for Mormon, keeper of plates, recording the Nephite and Jaredite fates.

N, the boy Nephi, he followed the vision.

O is obedience and opposition—both are needed to make a decision.

P are the priests so wicked and sure, who killed good Abinadi, whose words still endure.

Q is the queen, Lamoni’s bride.

R is repentance—choosing the right side. The Book of Mormon is a heavenly guide.

S is the sword of Laban. We’re told it was of steel, with a handle of gold.

T, Lehi’s tents, his wilderness home.

U, Urim and Thummim, the great seer stones, given to Joseph so truth would be known.

V is the Virgin, “fair and white,” who bore the Savior, full of light.

W, wickedness, to misery led.

X marks the spot—to where you have read and through this deed have been spiritually fed.

Y are the youth that Helaman led. Taught by their mothers, they did not fear death.

Z is for Zion the pure in heart.

Now you are finished, go back to the start.

Try with each letter a fact to impart.

Illustrated by Elise Black