Places in Early Church History

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    All the places labeled in black on this map are mentioned in either the Doctrine and Covenants or Joseph Smith—History. Information about some of them is given in the Key. Can you fit their names into the puzzle? (Hint: First, count the letters in each name [spaces between words don’t count]. When no other name has the same number of letters, fill in that name. For example, only one name has fifteen letters. Three other names have a unique number of letters, so fill these four names in right away.)

    Map of the United States(click to view larger) Photos of early church sites(click to view larger)

    Historic photos by George Edward Anderson


    Spring Hill McIllwaine’s Bend Fishing River Ramus Amherst Orange Thompson Hiram Perrysburg Harmony Albany Salem *

    Burlington Cincinnati Boston New York (City) **

    Zarahemla 1

    Independence Jackson Country (New Jerusalem, Zion) 2

    Nauvoo 3

    Far West 4

    Fayette 5

    Colesville 6

    Liberty 7


    Carthage 9

    Kirtland 10

    Winter Quarters 11




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    1.   *

      Joseph Smith received at least one revelation here.

    2.   **

      According to particular revelations, the people here were to be taught the gospel.


    1.   1.

      The Lord said that the Saints were to build cities in the Territory of Iowa, including this one. (See D&C 125.)

    2.   2.

      The City of Zion, or the New Jerusalem, is where the righteous are to be gathered before the Lord’s Second Coming. It is to be built on the borders of the Lamanites, in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri. (See D&C 28:9; 45:66–67; 49:25; D&C 57.)

    3.   3.

      A temple was to be built in this city in Illinois. A proclamation of the Gospel was made from it “to all the kings of the world, to … the honorable president-elect, and the high-minded governors [of the United States] … , and to all the nations of the earth.” (See D&C 124:3, Introduction.)

    4.   4.

      Except for Thomas B. Marsh, who was to remain in Far West to publish the word of the Lord, the remaining members of the Twelve [Apostles] were to leave from here on missions on April 26, 1839. (See D&C 118.)

    5.   5.

      The Prophet Joseph finished translating the Book of Mormon here. (See D&C 14:Introduction.)

    6.   6.

      The voices of ancient Apostles Peter, James, and John were heard near here. (See D&C 128:20.)

    7.   7.

      While the Prophet Joseph and several companions were in jail here, he prayed for the Saints, who were suffering, and the Lord reminded him that He (the “Son of Man”) had suffered even more. (See D&C 121 and 122.)

    8.   8.

      Joseph Smith was born here, in the town of Sharon. (See JS—H 1:3.)

    9.   9.

      The Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were shot dead in the jail here. (See D&C 135:1.)

    10.   10.

      Joseph Smith was given a vision of the celestial kingdom in the temple here. (See D&C 137.)

    11.   11.

      How the Lord wanted the Saints to be organized for their journey to the Salt Lake Valley was revealed through Brigham Young here. (See D&C 136.)

    12.   12.

      In a revelation to the Prophet Joseph that there would be a civil war between the northern and southern states in the United States, the Lord said that the “Southern States will call on other nations, even the nation of Great Britain.” (See D&C 87:3.)