Your Pioneer Art:
Ahuac Group Pioneers

By Daniela Charise Cairampoma Capcha,

age 7, Mantaro Ward, Mantaro Peru Stake

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The Chupaca Branch has a group of members who make up the Ahuac Group. It is about thirty kilometers (nineteen miles) outside the city of Huancayo, Peru. The house used as a meetinghouse is built on a hill, as you can see. The pioneers in this picture are Relief Society sisters Ercilia Leon de la Torre and Florentina de Arroyo. They are on their way to the Ahuac house/chapel in order to fulfill their calling as visiting teachers. Thanks in part to these sisters, the Ahuac Group today has many members and will soon be a branch and someday a prospering ward.


Illustrated by Daniela Charise Cairampoma Capcha