“Mother, please tell me—it’s Christmas again—
Why did the star shine in heaven back then?”
“Heavenly Father was happy and He
Wanted the Nephites and Wise Men to see
Jesus was born, and the star was the sign
Telling the world that the Babe was divine.”
“Why was He born in a stable with hay?
Kings lived in palaces back in that day.”
Jesus Christ’s kingdom is heaven, you know.
Money and palaces stay here below.
He came to earth just to show us the way
We can be with Him in heaven one day.”
“Presents and toys, then, are things of this earth.
Why do we give them to honor His birth?”
“That’s a good question. My child, you are wise,
Looking at Christmas through Jesus Christ’s eyes.
Love is the answer. Love is the way
To properly celebrate Jesus Christ’s day.”
“God loved the world, so He gave us His Son.
Love for each other brings real Christmas fun.”
“Gifts giv’n when thinking of only their worth,
Just like fine palaces, stay on this earth.
Thinking of others and showing your love
Brings happiness here and great joy up above.”

[illustration] Illustrated (left to right) by Keith Larson, Robert T. Barrett, Phyllis Pollema-Cahill, Del Parson