Gideon Puzzle

Gideon was a farmer who one day became a fighter for God. Can you fill in the blanks in this puzzle about him? (Note: you can read about him in Judges 6–7 in the Old Testament. The verses for each answer are in parentheses [( )] after each clue.)

___ ___ G ___ ___

___ I ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ D ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ E ___

___ O ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ N ___ ___ ___ ___

G Sent from God to give Gideon instructions. (Judg. 6:11)

I Each soldier had a lamp inside one of these. (Judg. 7:16)

D Three ______ men were all that the Lord allowed to fight. (Judg. 7:7)

E Besides a pitcher, each man carried one of these. (Judg. 7:16)

O Gideon’s father. (Judg. 7:14)

N The name of the enemy people. (Judg. 6:heading)








Be My Valentine

You may [turnip] turn up your pretty nose / When I [yam] am near to you. / You may not [carrot] care at all for me, / But please, my [honeydew] honey, do! / If we might share the [endive] end I’ve dreamed, / And your heart [beet] beat with mine, / [Shallot] Shall it not then be [thyme] time to say, / “[Lettuce] Let us be valentines”?

Country Words

Everyday words can sometimes be made from the letters that spell the names of countries. Use the clues to find the hidden word in each country. Example: Clue—An old piece of cloth in Germany Answer: Rag

  1. 1.

    To mix with a spoon, in Austria

  2. 2.

    A trumpetlike musical instrument, in Belgium

  3. 3.

    A walking stick, in France

  4. 4.

    A utensil for cooking, in Spain

  5. 5.

    To swallow quickly, in Portugal

  6. 6.

    To open your mouth wide, in Norway

  7. 7.

    Feeling happy or pleased, in England

  8. 8.

    Water falling in drops, in Ireland

  9. 9.

    Undesired plants, in Sweden

  10. 10.

    At the very end, in Scotland

  11. 11.

    To give a sudden pull, in Kenya

  12. 12.

    An animal friend, in Egypt

  13. 13.

    Not to succeed, in Finland

  14. 14.

    To mend a sock, in Denmark

  15. 15.

    Part of a dog that wags, in Italy

  16. 16.

    To move your body to music, in Iceland

  17. 17.

    One twelfth of a foot, in China

  18. 18.

    To sleep for a short time, in Japan

  19. 19.

    A track for trains, in Brazil

  20. 20.

    A reply to a question, in Switzerland


(1) stir, (2) bugle, (3) cane, (4) pan, (5) gulp, (6) yawn, (7) glad, (8) rain, (9) weeds, (10) last, (11) yank, (12) pet, (13) fail, (14) darn, (15) tail, (16) dance, (17) inch, (18) nap, (19) rail, (20) answer.

Corny Facts

Each ear of corn always has an even number of rows.

There is one strand of corn silk for each kernel of corn.

A normal-size ear of corn has from 800 to 1,000 kernels (and the same number of silk strands)!

A “popped” corn can be as much as twenty times larger than its original kernel.

The first popcorn wagon was on the streets of New York City in 1892.

Iowa grows the most popcorn in the United States.

Experiment: One cup of popped popcorn and one cup of milk can occupy the same space at the same time. If you want to prove this, carefully drop the popped kernels into the milk one at a time.