Sister Simon’s Saints

Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh

WELCOME! I’m Sister Simon.
Hi! I’m Ramón.
Hello. I’m Cathlyn.
I’m Mei Lin.
Hi! I’m David.
And I’m Joshua.

You know, Ramón, I’ve been thinking—
Whoa! Better check with your doctor before doing anything strenuous.

Very funny, but I’m serious here. I’ve been thinking about, well, the Atonement.
Oh. Sorry. What about it?

I know Jesus suffered for our sins because He loved us, but afterward, how can He still love us? I mean, if somebody caused you that much pain, wouldn’t you cringe every time you saw him?

Yeah, I guess I would. But my mom says she had a lot of pain when I was born, but she still loves me. In fact, she says she loves me more because she had to suffer for me.

That’s hard to understand.
Yeah, but I’m glad she feels that way.

I’m glad He feels that way too.
So am I.