Just Like Me

By Donna D’Amelio

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I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world Heavenly Father created for me (Children’s Songbook, pages 228–229).

Down the hill and far away, someone is dancing barefoot in the rain, just like me. I skip and twirl and prance and sing, splashing through puddles on a warm summer day. Overhead, a rainbow smiles as raindrops as big as June bugs splatter against my face.

Down the hill and far away, someone is swishing through leaves, just like me. I wallow in mountains of orange and red as a crisp autumn wind nips my nose. Overhead, the clouds become a ship that glides across an ocean of blue. With sails unfurled, it soars across the sky.

Down the hill and far away, someone is catching snowflakes on their tongue, just like me. Marching through the snow, I roll snowballs into a snowman whose hands hold my mittens. Overhead, the sky is gray and empty, but in its grayness, it holds the sweet promise of spring.

Down the hill and far away, someone is running through a meadow, just like me. I chase a tiger swallowtail, laughing when it lands on top of my head. The meadow is filled with wildflowers of purple and yellow, and I make a wish on a dandelion puff. Overhead, tiny white umbrellas float on the gentle spring breeze that teases my hair.

Down the hill and far away, someone is sitting with his or her family, just like me. I gather with my family each Monday for family night. I lead the singing with flair and style. The lessons and activities are great fun, and cookies are my favorite treat! I can feel that Heavenly Father and Jesus are pleased with us.

Down the hill and far away, there is someone just like me. It is someone who might splash in the rain, swish through the leaves, catch snowflakes on her or his tongue, run through a meadow, or sit with her or his family on family night. And though we may look different, we share the same sky, we share the same hopes and dreams. You and I.

Illustrated by Julie F. Young