Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ

By Taylor Daniel Klemm, age 10

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Sunday Birthday Party

Now these are the commandments. … And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children. (Deut. 6:1, 7.)

Last year I was on a really great Little League baseball team. We all got along really well and were supportive of each other. We had a great coach, and even the parents were all positive. I was the only member of the Church on the team, but everyone used only good language and was kind to everyone else, even when someone made a mistake.

One day the coach arranged for a professional pitching coach to come and practice with us, but it was on a Sunday. When I told my coach I wouldn’t be there, he said, “Taylor, I’m glad you have your priorities straight.” He was pleased with me for doing what I knew was right.

We had a great season, even though we lost more games than we won. At the end of the season, the whole team was invited to a team member’s birthday party. They were going to have a barbecue and go swimming. It was going to be the last time I would see the kids on my baseball team, because we weren’t in the same grades and went to different schools. I was really excited about going until I realized that it was on a Sunday.

My parents didn’t think a birthday party was an appropriate activity for Sunday, but they told me I was old enough to make my own choice. I really, really wanted to go. The party was three weeks away. I prayed and I prayed about it. I decided to go to the party, even though I didn’t feel completely right about it.

A few days later I was reading the Book of Mormon and came across 2 Nephi 28:8, which says, “Eat, drink, and be merry; nevertheless, fear God—he will justify in committing a little sin.” [2 Ne. 28:8] I excitedly told Mom that I found my answer—it was OK for me to go to the party!

She told me to reread the verse and include the verses that came before and after it. After I read a few more verses, I realized that the scriptures were telling us that saying it is OK to commit a little sin is false and foolish doctrine. No amount of sin is OK. I knew then what I should do, but I still hadn’t made my decision.

I continued to pray about it for the next week. Finally I decided that I shouldn’t go. I felt really good about my decision. My mom called my friend’s mom and told her I wouldn’t be going to the party. On the day of the party, while on the way home from church, we dropped off a present to my friend and said hi to everyone and then went home.

I’m glad I did what I felt Jesus Christ would want me to do, and I’m glad I chose the right.