To make this treat, you will need: large gumdrops, all colors; small pretzels; red or black licorice whips, cut into 1″ (2.5 cm) lengths; miniature marshmallows.

Follow the picture to make your Eat-a-Bug—or make up your own!

[photos] Eat-a-bugs made by Whitney Herrin; Photos by John Luke

“If I Were” Game

If I were an elephant,
I’d sway and swing my trunk.
(Clasp hands and swing arms.)
And if I were a long-legged frog,
I’d leap in my pond—kerplunk!
(Make one big jump.)
If I were a bear,
I’d fish with my long, sharp claws.
(Spread fingers apart and swish for a fish.)
And if I were a tiger,
I’d creep lightly on my paws.
(Tiptoe in a small circle.)
If I were a rabbit,
I’d hop fast every day.
(Hop in a circle.)
But if I were a turtle,
I’d … go … slowly … all … the … way!
(Creep very slowly.)

[illustration] Illustrated by Julie F. Young

Happy Nathan

Nathan ate his breakfast and smiled. Mother kept thanking Heavenly Father. She thanked Him for morning, for sunshine, for a blue sky.

“Mother, you thanked Heavenly Father three times!” he giggled.

“Three times? No wonder I’m happy. Thanking Heavenly Father for His gifts makes me very happy!”

Nathan stared at Mother. Her eyes sparkled; her lips curved up. She was happy! “I want to be happy, too!” he cried.

“Thank Heavenly Father, and you will be happy!” Mother told him.

“OK.” Nathan thanked Heavenly Father for the birds he heard chirping in the bush near the kitchen window. He smiled. Mother was right! Thanking Heavenly Father did make him happy!

The rest of the morning he thanked Heavenly Father for many things: the backyard with the swing in it; the apple tree that had pretty white blossoms now, and later would have good apples; Grandma’s dog, Lady; kittens and fish; the moon and stars; his playmates, Tom and Chris; and his new bike. Nathan was very, very happy!

At noon Mother said, “Lunchtime, happy Nathan!”

Nathan laughed. He was happy! He was hungry, too. And when he bowed his head to thank Heavenly Father for the good food, Nathan also said, “And I thank Thee for making me happy!”

[illustrations] Illustrated by Julie F. Young