Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ

By Angela Jack, age 9,

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All That He Had

God loveth a cheerful giver (2 Cor. 9:7).

My little brother, Benjamin, is six years old. A sister in our stake who had cancer needed an operation but didn’t have enough money for it. Flyers reading, “Will you please help save a life?” were sent out asking for donations. When Ben read one, he got twenty dollars, which was all he had, and put it in an envelope to give to the sister. He only gets sixty cents a week for allowance, so twenty dollars was a lot of money for him.

Ben collects coins as a hobby, and I said, “Why don’t you give just part of your money, then you can buy some coins for yourself with the rest.”

“Which is more important, buying coins or saving a life?” he asked. That really impressed me, and I decided to donate some money, too.

My parents kept saying how good Benjamin was because he had given all the money he had. This made me a little jealous of my brother because although I hadn’t given all the money I had, I had donated more money than Ben!

Then I remembered a scripture story about a really poor woman who had only a little money. She gave it all to care for the poor. Some rich people came and gave lots of gold. They were proud of how much money they had given to the poor. But Jesus Christ said that the poor woman had given the most because she had given all that she had.

I was sorry for being jealous of my brother. I felt good knowing that we had been able to help raise the money for the operation. Most of all, I was glad that my little brother had helped me learn a very important lesson about giving.

[photo] Benjamin Jack, age 6, Colorado Springs Ninth Ward, Colorado Springs Colorado North Stake

Gift from the Heart

It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).

Scott has always been a very generous boy. His heart is very tender and easily touched by someone else’s need or misfortune.

The first week of school after Christmas, the home of a kindergarten classmate named Richard * burned down. He lost everything—his clothes, his toys, his brand-new Christmas presents—everything! Scott’s teacher asked the class if they would like to help Richard by sharing some of their own things with him. I gave Scott permission to give Richard anything of his that he wanted to.

Scott went to his room and gathered up everything he had received for Christmas—toys, pajamas, a coat, clothes. All were gifts that our family had carefully picked out for him. We explained that since Richard was smaller than he was, Scott’s new clothes wouldn’t fit. So, instead, Scott parted with some of his nice, but older clothes that were getting too small. We also encouraged him to limit how many toys to give to Richard since others in his class would be giving Richard things also. Scott went to bed well pleased that Richard would be OK.

Our family was overwhelmed by Scott’s example of generosity that year. He is eleven years old now. Last year he gave some of his clothes to schoolmates who were flooded out of their homes. He really tries to do what is right each day.

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    Name has been changed

  • [photo] Scott C. Page, age 11, Fulton Ward, Paducah Kentucky Stake