Sister Simon’s Saints

Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh

WELCOME! I’m Sister Simon.
Hi! I’m Ramón.
Hello. I’m Cathlyn.
I’m Mei Lin.
Hi! I’m David.
And I’m Joshua.

Brother Simon is helping to build the City Tower, and he has permission to show us the construction site. Anybody interested?

Later That Week
Awesome! Look at the size of those machines!
How’d you like to operate one of those monsters? That’s what I call power!

They’re only building a skyscraper. Can anybody think of someone who built a whole world?
Jesus, of course.

I guess a skyscraper isn’t much compared to Mount Everest.
Or a forest.
Or lions or whales.
How about overcoming death and sin? How about building us a bridge back to Heavenly Father? How many machines would it take to do that?

Wow! That’s real power!

You didn’t want a tour. You wanted a really expensive visual aid.
Well, the ward library didn’t have one big enough.