Family Garden T-Shirt

By Corliss Clayton

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    To make a T-shirt gift, you will need: newspapers, a T-shirt that will fit your mother or whomever the gift is for, a large paper bag, assorted colors of fabric paints, a paintbrush, and paper towels. You may want to ask Dad or an older brother or sister to help.

    1. Spread the newspaper out to catch any spills. Spread the T-shirt out on it with the front faceup. Place the paper bag inside the shirt so that the paint on the front won’t soak through to the back of the shirt. Smooth out the shirt.

    2. Write “Mom’s Garden” (or other appropriate wording) near the top or bottom of the shirt, if desired (see illustration). Then have each child in your family make at least one flower: Paint the stems first, then lightly cover a fingertip or the palm of one hand with paint and press it onto the shirt to make flowers, leaves, bugs, grass, the sky, or clouds. Have the family members sign their names by the flowers they created.

    3. Let the paint dry completely before removing the bag. Then, if you want to paint the back of the shirt, turn it over, put a clean paper bag inside, and repeat the process. Be sure to wipe your hands on the paper towels after using each color and to wash them thoroughly when you are finished.

    Photos by Tamra Hamblin