Father’s Day Craft:
Can-to-Can Game

By M. L. Zanco

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    A gift for Dad

    To make a fun game for your dad (or any other family member or friend) to play with you, you will need: two empty, clean soup cans (about 10 ounces/310 g) with the top removed; an 18″ (46 cm) sturdy stick or dowel; strong tape, such as strapping tape or duct tape; a light-weight ball, about 1″ (2.5 cm) in diameter.

    1. Tape one can at each end of the stick, with the open end of the can facing out (see illustration).

    2. Take the stick in the middle. Holding it vertical, place the ball in the top can.

    3. Flip the ball up, turn the stick upside down, and try to catch the ball in the can at the other end of the stick.

    4. The player who has caught the ball in the opposite can the most times after twenty flips wins the game.

    Illustrated by Dick Brown

    Photo by Jed Clark