Tithing Around the World

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I want to give the Lord my tenth, For ev’ry time I do It makes me think of all the gifts He gives to me and you (Children’s Songbook, page 150).

These children have all done extra chores and worked in their neighborhoods to earn money * for gifts for their fathers. Before buying anything, each wants to pay his or her tithing. The amount of money each earned is shown, with a place for the amount of tithing to be paid. Can you find the right amounts on page 47 and cut them out and glue them where they belong?

Canada Ian Thirteen dollars, twenty cents


One dollar, thirty-two cents

United States Pat Eight dollars, fifty cents


Forty pesos

Mexico Carlos Four hundred pesos


Eighty-five cents

England Jillian Five pounds


Fifteen rubles

Peru Luisa One hundred ten soles


Fifty-two cents

Norway Ingsa Five hundred fifty kroner


Twelve koruna

Nigeria Kelechi One hundred fifty nairas


Fifty-five kroner

Czech Republic Lukás One hundred twenty koruna


Seven francs

Japan Yoshi One hundred fifty yen


Eleven soles

Russia Sergei One hundred fifty rubles


Fifteen nairas

Tahiti Taina Seventy francs


Fifteen yen

New Zealand Kiri Five dollars, twenty cents


Fifty pence

[illustrations] Illustrated by Julie F. Young

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  1.   *

    Because in some countries children are unable to earn money for gifts, we have shown what they might have earned.