Family Home Evening Ideas

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    If your parents ask you to help plan a family home evening, you may want to use an idea from the Friend. Here are some ideas in this issue that you may like (look for the FHE symbol on the [original magazine] pages mentioned):

    1. Ask your mom or dad to share the experiences of Elder Francisco J. Viñas (pages 6–7), pointing out the ways his family chose the right. Discuss ways your family has made and can continue to make right choices.

    2. Make the flannel-board figures and use them to tell the story of “The Wise Man and the Foolish Man” (pages 46–47). Together make a list of ways you can build your testimonies on a sure foundation.

    3. Read “Jeffrey and the Cookie Jar” (pages 2–5). Discuss what he could have done when he was first tempted to disobey.

    4. We should be reverent in the Lord’s house. Cut out the “Reverent Hands” pictures (page 31). Hold them up and talk about what the children in each picture are doing to be reverent.

    5. Open your Book of Mormon and read Mosiah 9:1. Then read “Amanda Pratt, CTR Spy” (pages 32–34). Think about what a CTR spy would find in your home. Ask each family member to resolve to make good choices this week and to keep notes on the good things other family members do so that you can all share them next week.

    6. Read “Best Kind of Friends” (pages 39–42). Shawn and Richie faced a difficult choice when asked to do something wrong. Discuss ways you can choose the right if something similar happens to you.

    7. For refreshments, make “Lemonade Cookies” or “Ice-Cream Watermelon” (page 22).