Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ

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I’m trying to be like Jesus; I’m following in his ways (Children’s Songbook, pages 78–79).

The Primary children of the Great Falls Montana Stake know that it is important to live their lives as Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father want them to. A few of the children from the stake want to share with you their thoughts and experiences in “Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ.”

Being a Friend

A person I know was being teased by most of the fifth graders because she had curly hair on the top of her head. But I was her friend. Some days I walked with her halfway to her house before I went on a road that led to my house. I sat by her at church and went to a birthday party she had with some other friends. She was a fun friend to have.

Kristie D. Michelsen, age 11 Great Falls Fifth Ward

[photo] Kristie D. Michelsen

Helping a Classmate

A boy in my class is mildly handicapped. (I will call him Joe, not his real name.) He is a slow learner, and he stutters, so everybody thinks he is odd. One day at school when I sat by him, a mean boy thought he was being clever by picking on him. But I didn’t think it was clever at all. Joe went and told the teacher. When the teacher came over, I stood up and told her about other mean things that had been done to Joe that he had not told her.

This summer my mom was talking to his mom, and she told my mom that just about every day after school Joe came home crying. When she said that, it made me feel so good that I had been nice to him.

Lisa Miller, age 9 Great Falls Fifth Ward

[photo] Lisa Miller

Good Example

I always try to be like Jesus Christ by being nice to everyone I meet and smiling all the time. I know others always try to be good examples, so I am trying to be one, too.

Mary Lealos, age 10 Great Falls Fourth Ward

[photo] Mary Lealos

Speaking Out

When I was in the fourth grade, I had a variety show to sing in. Some of the girls were singing a bad song. I didn’t like it. When I got home, I told my mom about it. She talked to my dad, and my dad told my principal. The girls had to sing a better song. The program turned out good because I wasn’t afraid to speak out about a bad song. I know that Jesus Christ was happy.

Hydee Rushton, age 10 Sun River Valley Ward

[photo] Hydee Rushton


A girl who couldn’t talk was on the school bus. I had learned sign language in first grade, so I talked to her in sign language, and I let her play with my stuffed worm. She smiled at me. That was the first time I’d seen her smile!

Katie Evensen, age 10 Choteau Ward

[photo] Katie Evensen

Father and Son

Jesus Christ probably learned many things from Joseph, including how to be a carpenter. I want to be like my father, who also is a carpenter. Jesus Christ wanted to be like His Father in Heaven. I want to be like my Father in Heaven, too.

Bryce Hanson, age 10 Choteau Ward

[photo] Bryce Hanson

Learning about Jesus Christ

I think the Friend means a lot of things. When I read it, I like reading about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and other people. We don’t have many Church members in Cut Bank, and a lot of my friends are members of other faiths. So when I read the Friend, it makes me feel better because there are a lot of Latter-day Saints in it and it makes me feel like they’re here with me. It makes me feel closer to the members and close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Megan Leishman, age 11 Cut Bank Branch

[photo] Megan Leishman

Finding the Good

I am trying to be like Jesus Christ by looking for the good things in the people I know and meet.

Soncee Hall, age 6 Conrad Ward

[photo] Soncee Hall

The Friend Helps Me

I love to read the Friend. I learn so much from it! When I read the stories about other children and how they follow Jesus Christ and handle different problems, I think to myself, If they can do it, so can I. The stories that I like the best are the pioneer stories. When it’s my turn to do family home evening, I like to read a story from the Friend. It helps me to be honest and to keep the commandments.

Brooke Haynes, age 10 Fairfield Ward

[photo] Brooke Haynes

[photos] Photos by Julie Wardell

[illustration] He Is Risen, by Del Parson