Advent Calendar:
Home at Christmas

By Corliss Clayton

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For unto you is born this day … a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord (Luke 2:11).


  1. Remove pages 24–25 from the magazine. Mount (glue) the house interior and strips A and B on heavy paper; cut them out. Carefully cut along the broken lines to create slits. Fold each piece in half, as illustrated.

  2. Gently slide the slits in strip B into the B slits on the house. Do the same with the A strip (see illustration). This completes the house scene.

  3. Remove page 34 from the magazine. Carefully cut out the pictures and place them in an envelope.

  4. Beginning December 1, choose one of the activities from the list. After you have completed the activity, check it off, then choose one of the pictures—except the framed picture of Jesus Christ—from the envelope, and glue it wherever you want on the house scene. Each day complete another activity. On Christmas Day add the framed picture of Jesus Christ.

Activities List
(Other activities may be substituted)

  • Help do the dishes when it isn’t your turn.

  • Send or give a Christmas card to a missionary.

  • Try hard to choose the right all day.

  • Take a surprise to a special friend.

  • Thank your Primary teacher for being your teacher.

  • Color and cut out the figures, then tell the story “Jesus Christ Will Come Again” (pages 10–11).

  • Clean your room without being asked.

  • Write or draw a thank-you note.

  • Sing your favorite Christmas song.

  • Read “Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ” (pages 40–43).

  • Secretly help someone in your family.

  • Remember to think about the Savior’s life and sacrifice during the sacrament.

  • Read “Conference Report,” (page 7) with your family and decide what you can do to follow the prophet.

  • Read or have someone tell you the story found in 3 Nephi 1:1–19 [3 Ne. 1:1–19].

  • Learn the song, “Lullaby, Little One,” (pages 8–9).

  • Telephone or visit grandparents or other relatives.

  • Go caroling with friends or family.

  • Make “Red-Nosed Reindeer Sandwiches” for lunch (page 20).

  • Check that your bench in sacrament meeting is clean when you leave.

  • Write your testimony of Jesus Christ in your journal.

  • Read the First Presidency Christmas Message to the Children of the World (pages 2–3).

  • List all the things you are grateful for.

  • Let someone else have the first turn or the first choice.

  • Make “The Christmas Story” on pages 18–19 and retell the story.

Illustrated by Mark Robison