Listening to General Conference

By Pat Graham

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  1. Carefully remove pages 24–25 from the magazine, cut out the “My Conference Report” worksheets for two sessions of general conference, and make additional copies as needed.

  2. Read the conference report worksheet before conference begins so that you will know what to listen for.

  3. As you listen to conference, answer the questions and follow the instructions given in “My Conference Report.”

  4. Ask your parents if you may give your conference report in family home evening.

My Conference Report

  • Date:_________________

  • Name: _______________

  • Age: _________________

  • Who conducted conference? (Circle)

    President Gordon B. Hinckley
    President Thomas S. Monson
    President James E. Faust

  • Session: ____________________

  • What choir sang? ________________________________

  • Who conducted the choir? ________________________

  • Who played the organ? ___________________________

  • My favorite hymn sung by the choir was: _________________________________.

  • Speakers I listened to:

    • Name: __________________________________

      Subject: _________________________________

    • Name: __________________________________

      Subject: _________________________________

    • Name: __________________________________

      Subject: _________________________________

    • Name: __________________________________

      Subject: _________________________________

  • Scripture story or other story I heard during conference: ____________________

  • One talk I really liked was given by: _____________________________.

  • Subject: ___________________________________

  • After listening to conference, I decided to ___________________________________.

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