Friends Forever

We elders from the Omaha Nebraska Mission thought that you might like this picture. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work!

Elders Fransen, Dominguez, Rees, and Greenman
Omaha Nebraska Mission

New Verse

We, the eleven-year-old Valiant class in the Lewiston Third Ward, wrote, just for us, a new verse for the song “Follow the Prophet”:

Lehi was a prophet. The Lord told him to go

Into the wilderness where things wouldn’t grow.

When he told his family about what he knew,

Nobody murmured except the older two.

Asenath Busch, Kammi Brockman, Rachelle Burrup, Chelsei Reitz, Whitney Hurd, Niki Leonard, Sabrina Safesten, age 11
Lewiston, Idaho

All the Grandmas

When my parents go to visit my great-grandma at the rest home, I always like to go. I feel happy when I see Great-Grandma Billie, but I love seeing all the other grandmas, too. They don’t know me, but they ask me my name, and everyone wants to talk to me. I guess they get lonely and like to see children. I like to help make them feel happy inside, and I always feel good when I go there.

Cassidy Ferrell, age 5
Lehi, Utah

An Answer

I know that my Heavenly Father answers our prayers. When I was taking a test, I could not remember one of the answers. I skipped the question and said a silent prayer. I asked Heavenly Father to help me remember what I had studied. When I went back to that question, I knew the answer. I know that Heavenly Father helped me on the test. I know that He will always be near, even when my parents aren’t.

McKay Frost, age 10
Flagstaff, Arizona